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Enugu: Enugu youths and activists under the aegis of Concerned Enugu Youths are insisting that the State House of Assembly must repeal the Enugu State Gubernatorial Pensions Law.

This was the stand of the youths who turned out enmasse to stage a peaceful protest at the Enugu State House of Assembly Complex over the Bill for an Amendment of the Enugu State Gubernatorial Pensions Law.

Although the Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Edward Ubosi in the company of other principal officers addressed them, stating that the House had stepped down the controversial Bill due to public outcry, the protesting youths insisted that the Enugu State Gubernatorial Pensions Law must be repealed.

“We stepped down the bill for wider consultations. You shall be informed when a date is fixed for a public hearing on the Bill”

Borrowing a leaf from the #EndSARS protest, the organizers had told the Speaker that they had no leaders when he asked for their leader.

The Bill was stepped down at the day’s plenary session following a motion by the Leader of the House, Rt. Hon Ikechukwu Ezugwu who sponsored the Bill.

According to Rt. Hon Ezugwu, “Although the Bill is not out of place, it needs to be stepped down following the outcry of the masses which we must listen to as their representatives in the House”

The motion was seconded by seconded by Hon Onyinye Ugwu, the Deputy leader of the House.

In his speech, Speaker noted that there are several unconstitutional provisions in the bill such as the payment of salaries to spouses of former Governors and their deputies.

After the protest, one of the organizers spoke with hoo!haa!! News anonymously

“Its not yet Uhuru. While commending the Enugu State House of Assembly for stepping down the Bill for wider consultations, we insist on an outright repeal of the obnoxious Enugu State Gubernatorial Pensions Law.

“If Lagos State, Zamfara State and even our sister South East State, Imo can repeal their own Gubernatorial Pensions Laws, why not Enugu State?

“The funds meant for Gubernatorial pensions can be adequately utilized in other key sector.

“For instance, it can be channelled towards improved pipeborne water supply in Enugu metropolis as water scarcity remains a perennial problem in Enugu.

“The health sector and Education sector also need serious attention.

“Most importantly, the State Government should prioritize payment of pensions to retired Civil servants”

“We are not relenting, at all. Rather, we are seizing this opportunity to call on all Enugu citizens, especially the youths to join the #REPEAL ENUGU GUBERNATORIAL PENSION LAW Campaign on our various social media platforms”

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