Enugu: The Governorship candidate of the Labour Party in Enugu State, Hon Barr Chijioke Edeoga has stated that the Enugu State people who fought against the appointment of Prof Bart Nnaji as Minister of Power are the ones currently fighting against his election as Governor of Enugu State.

The one time Federal parliamentarian made the assertion this Thursday when he led a large retinue of party faithfuls to pay a courtesy visit on the former Minister of Power, Prof Bart Nnaji, at his country home – Umuode, Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State.

According to Edeoga, “Bart Nnaji is one of us and we don’t want to be shy about it. We want to embrace him and bring him in. For me, coming here is like a home coming. I first met Bartholomew Nnaji in 1990/91. If it’s between a man and woman, you would have called it love at first sight. Since that day up till now, I have been a part of his life. I have been involved in all the ups and downs.

LP women presenting birthday cake to Edeoga

“From when he was Minister of Science and Technology, I was among the few Enugu State people who were invited to be in Asọ Rock for his swearing in. Even when this house was attacked, I was among the first to visit, even when it was risky to do so.

“I was there when they wanted to appoint him Minister of Power, the

same Enugu people who are trying to stop me, tried to stop him . We pushed them back and we won. I was there in that struggle and part of I was part of the battle.

He also expressed optimism that by God’s grace, he shall likewise triumph, so as to become elected as the next Governor of the state.
“When he resigned as Minister of Power, twenty or thirty minutes after, I was at his house in Asokoro and I told him “Don’t worry, the best is yet to come. They will still look for you. Not long after, he started Geometric Power. God gave him an opportunity to use his enormous intellect in another direction. Today, I can tell you that Geometric Power is far bigger than any ministry in Nigeria.

“We are aligned ideologically, intellectually and in many ways and I knew that it was only a matter of time for this convergence to take place. I knew that it was only a matter of time for this arrangement that has put Labour Party as a winning machine in Enugu State to happen, with Bart Nnaji powering and engineering it. It was only a question of time. It was inevitable. It has taken some time to build, patiently, consistently, we knew where we were going and by the grace of God this is our time.

“This is our time. Nothing is going to stop us. We have come here to pay our respects to a man who deserves it. We are here to ask for his blessings, to ask him “Daddy bless us” . We are going to win. Not just winning for the sake of winning but we shall bring about fundamental changes. We shall change this state fundamentally based on Christian values of honesty, transparency and empathy.


As a welfarist and thoroughbred social Democrat, he equally stated that his Government shall prioritize poverty and social justice. 

“Issues of the poor, the down trodden really worry us, including unemployment and poverty. Those things can be addressed and we are going to address them.” 

Earlier in his own speech, Barr Victor Oyibo Chukwu, the LP Senatorial candidate for Enugu East Senatorial District eulogized the host

” Onwa (his traditional title), you are among the three most recognized robotic engineers in the whole world. Having trained over five hundred in the university, you are one of Igbo foremost philanthropists. President Bill Clinton of there are four Nigerians who the American Government know. He counted Chinua Achebe, he counted Wole Soyinka, he counted Emeagwali and then he said “And our own Bart Nnaji”

“That is why political parties must come here to pay homage, to drink from your fountain of wisdom and seek your support. However, in the case of the Labour Party, we have not come to seek your support because you are already with us and you will remain with us. We are aware that a certain political party with a torn umbrella has been here. It is also possible that another political party whose broom has broken into pieces will come here. Even yet another party, whose emblem is the cockrel will also come here, from information reaching us, their cockrel is dead. It’s also they will come here. It is because of this your resume and because you have much to offer.

“Onwa, the Labour Party in Nigeria signifies hope for the common man and that is the trend worldwide. The new movement is that in 2023, the Labour Party of Nigeria will take over power in Nigeria. Our inspiration comes from the fact that we have the best players in the field. Take for instance our Presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, is a primus inter pares, first among equals. He is going to revolutionalize Nigeria, restore Nigeria and transform Nigeria.

“In Enugu State, we have chosen a prime candidate, a candidate that comes before any other candidate. He has no skeleton in his cupboard, he has never been invited by EFCC. He has the requisite and concomitant experience to run the state. He has served as a Local Government Chairman, he has served as a member of the House of Representatives and as a Commissioner.

“Many at times, people bandy the mischievous question of whether he was part of the rot of Governor Ugwuanyi’s Government. The truth of the matter is that he was begged and invited to serve as Commissioner, he never lobbied. Why did he stay long? It was because of his inert patriotism and love for Enugu State. He stayed that long to guide and advise the retrogressive Ugwuanyi Government but they never took advice. And when it became necessary, he resigned to practicalize those advice by himself, as Governor.

Continuing, he stated reasons why he felt the LP needed to take our the helm of affairs in the state. 

“Today, the potholes we hitherto experienced in our roads have turned into gullies. The school system has almost come to a halt through strikes and non payment of salaries. The Agricultural system has become non sequitur. In other areas, the Government has done virtually nothing. 

“We assure you that the Labour Party Government which will replace this Government will fulfill the aspirations of the good people of Enugu State in line with the dream of the founding fathers of Enugu State, that Enugu shall be an egalitarian society and with our arable land, we shall turn Enugu into an El Dorado”

In his own speech, Hon. Fidel Mamah Ayogu had this to say to Prof Nnaji: “We came to greet you. So many people here are accidental politicians, who have joined Labour Party in its bid to take back our country.

“There are three major political parties in Nigeria, today, APC, PDP and LP . I left APC because of their Muslim – Muslim ticket and Islamization agenda. Atiku in his speech shows that he does not need Igbo or  Yoruba votes. That shows that these two other parties are not really political parties. What they have is personal interest. So, there is no reason to be talking about APC or PDP in Enugu.”

Going further, the former Federal parliamentarian and Governorship candidate bemoaned the parlous state of affairs in Enugu State 

” Everything in Enugu State is overwhelmed now. No roads, nothing can be done about it. No water, nothing can be done about it. No peace, no orderliness and nothing can be done about it. 

” Even Governor Ugwuanyi is overwhelmed with the situation. He is just waiting for what God will bring and what God has brought is LP. Everything is divine. We are having the best Gubernatorial candidate for the first time.”

In his response, Prof Nnaji collaborated all Edeoga said while welcoming his august visitors.

“Just like His Excellency (Edeoga) said, we have close family friends since the early ’90s. Even when we came for a meeting of all PDP Gubernatorial aspirants, we went home in the same car. You can imagine the message that sent.

The elder statesman then urged Edeoga to ensure that he assembled the right people to work with him as Governor.

“Although, it’s still too early, I urge you to ensure that you raise the right caliber of people to be part of your team, as Governor 


Thereafter, the women wing of LP Enugu State led by the State Woman Leader, Hon Mrs stepped forward to present a bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake to their gubernatorial candidate, Edeoga, who was celebrating his 58th birthday. 

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