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Enugu: The Governorship Candidate of All Progress Grand Alliance, APGA, in Enugu State, Frank Nweke Jnr has charged Enugu state people, especially the people of Isi Uzo local government area to ensure that they do not empower the oppressors and looters in Nigeria through their votes in the 2023 general elections.

Nweke Jnr., made the assertion on Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 at Aguamede, Isi-Uzo Local Government Area while inaugurating a volunteer group named “Arise Network for Frank Nweke Jnr Campaign, 2023”.

The Support Group comprises representatives drawn from the 11 political wards in Isi – Uzo Local Government Area.

While addressing members of the Group, Nweke emphasized categorically that it was important to for every resident of Enugu state to understand the decisions facing everyone ahead of the 2023 general elections.

According to him, “From my engagement with the people of Isi-Uzo, today, their pain points still revolve around basic human needs of food, security, and healthcare, etc”.

“It is shameful and painful that ndi Enugu in Isi Uzo, with their large expanse of arable lands and rich history of farming should be faced with the challenge of hunger and poor nutrition”.

“The hectares of fertile lands that line the 30 kilometers of the road from Nkalagu to Aguamede can provide sufficient amount of basic food resources for the entire State; ensuring food security and boosting the economy”.

“I am committed to exploring the comparative advantage our state has in cultivating the following crops: Pineapples, cassava, cashews, palm trees, sweet potato, yams, peppers, some fruits (mango, papaya), and Super Grains: Sesame seeds, Breadfruit (Ukwa), Locust beans (Ogiri), Bambara nut (Ọkpa), Pigeon peas (Fio-fio) and Irvingia (Ọgbọnọ)

“My plan is to resuscitate the farming estates, create partnerships, industrialization and resolutely address the security challenges that have persisted and affected farming activities”.

“Attention will be paid to boosting the entire value chain of agriculture from research and production to the supply chain, in order optimize the nutritional, local economic and export value of our produce. Agriculture can easily make up 40% of our GDP and boost IGR significantly over the next four years”.

“We must go beyond teasing our citizens with bags of rice for the sake of politicking and optics when we can provide the enabling environment for them to become successful owners of the farmlands themselves”.

Frank Nweke further asked the people of Isi-Uzo to think deeply about what Enugu state will become in the next 8 years, if they empower PDP to continue with purposeless leadership.

“What we have in Enugu is lack of sincere leadership. Imagine what our state will become if we continue with a government that is still patching roads; a collosal failure. Ndi Enugu, #Kunie! Ka Anyi dozie Enugu” he concluded.

Nweke Jnr, who has the iconic former Premier of Eastern Nigeria, Dr M. I. Okpara as his role model, has consistently harped on the theme of of restoring trust to Governance such that the governance process becomes a partnership or mutual benefit joint venture between the Government and the electorate.

However, while addressing the People of Isi Uzo Local Government Area and especially members of Arise Network for Frank Nweke Jr Campaign 2023, the Deputy Governorship Candidate of APGA, Dr. Edith Ugwuanyi tasked the people to take serious stock of the performance of the incumbent PDP government in Enugu state.

“They have not provided water, no good roads, no meaningful infrastructural development. They can’t even pay teachers and our pensioners are crying: I ask you, why should PDP rule Enugu state again” she questioned.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, the Coordinator of Arise Network for Frank Nweke Jr campaign 2023, Chinonso Ugwu stated that the group will continue to consult and sensitize the people on the need for a reliable leader as Governor of Enugu state in 2023.

Chinonso Ugwu emphasized that APGA was the only viable alternative political party that can enthrone the positive change and transformative governance that Ndi Enugu so much desired.

Ugwu stated that the people of Enugu should support the urgent call to save the state from the hands of imposed and unprepared politicians whose sole aim in politics is to enrich themselves and their family members.

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