By Dr Williams Odoh

Recently, the PDP notched up their attack on the candidate of LP, Rt Hon Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga, who seems to be coasting to victory as the incoming governor of Enugu in the 2023 election cycle.

From being scorned of not being a money bag, to accusation of pleading with Peter Obi his party’s Presidential candidate, for photo session and now to authoring a Christmas song critical of the character of Dr Peter Mbah, PDP governorship candidate in the coming election.

However, Chijioke Edeoga, a gentle man per excellence and accomplished public servant has ignored the unwarranted and ignoble attacks from PDP. He has rather remained focused and concentrated on taking his evangelism of good governance and regime change to the people of Enugu at the grassroots. His message is being received and imbibed by the masses hence the desperation of PDP to distract him.

After trying the Odengene formula, accusing Edeoga of authorship of “Ego ndi Enugu” is the latest past time of PDP in the state. Rather than address the message, they are looking for the messenger.

Like an Ostrich, PDP and their attack dogs are raising hell as if the content of the song are new. Not long ago, the State Chairman of APC, Bar Ugochukwu Agballa had a World Press Conference where all the allegations in the song were laid bare. His challenge to those accused of looting and mismanaging the State to a debate is yet to be accepted, yet handlers of Peter Mbah, the PDP candidate are threatening fire and brimstone, pretending to be looking for the source of the story.

The owners and leaders of PDP are living in the past. They have failed to read the handwriting on the wall. They have failed to understand that Ndi Enugu have joined the rest of Nigeria in taking back the country and the state from those who have plundered it in the last 24yrs. They are yet to know that the people, not the cabals, will decide those to govern our state and country from 2023 and beyond.

Nana Ogbodo, the PDP campaign spokesman should urge their governorship candidate to address the serious issues raised in the song and stop playing Ostrich. The voters are demanding for an organic candidate who can stand whithout a retinue of aids to answer questions about himself, his past and plans for the future. They do not want a PACKAGED candidate whose identity is hidden in frozen images on bill boards and various campaign material.

The PDP in their shamelessness still rely on Billboards to market their candidates instead of projects and services rendered to the people in the past.

They clearly have lost the legitimate allure and use of power of incumbency because there is little or nothing to show as dividends of their 24yrs in office since the return to democratic rule.

Dr Williams Odoh,
Head International Monitors For IDP Camps ( IMIC ),
Writes from Kaduna

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