By Jaafar Jaafar

The Zamfara State House of Assembly received a panel report that investigated the deputy governor Mahdi Aliyu TODAY; redrafted the Order Paper in order to deliberate, consider and adopt the report TODAY; voted for the impeachment/removal of the deputy governor TODAY; received a letter from governor nominating a new deputy governor, Senator Hassan Nasiha, TODAY; redrafted the Order Paper to reflect invitation of the deputy governor-nominee for screening TODAY; questioned and grilled the deputy governor-nominee TODAY; called for the Committee of the Whole and later back to the plenary to screen and confirm his nomination TODAY!

The Clerk of the House wrote the resolution and transmitted to the governor TODAY, and upon receipt of the resolution TODAY, the governor wrote to the state chief judge, Kulu Aliyu, inviting her to swear-in the new deputy governor TODAY; the chief judge honoured the invitation and administer the oath of office to the new deputy governor TODAY; the new deputy governor resigned as Senator TODAY; the governor signed the appointment letter of the deputy governor TODAY; the deputy governor assumed office as the fifth deputy governor of Zamfara State TODAY.

What a hectic day for Zamfara!

What do you think if insecurity receives half as much attention TODAY?

©️ Jaafar Jaafar

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