A popular social media influencer, Demagogue PhD, has started a verbal war on social media regarding a controversial Lagos Parking Law which he claims is “another means of raising funds for the campaign of the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC and former Lagos State Governor, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Demagogue PhD @Von_Bismack “Lagos is taxing people to pay for Parking cars in their own compound. This money for Tinubu’s campaign must be complete by force.

KWiwa @kenwiwa4 “If you’ve travelled abroad you will notice that many businesses and some residential areas have parking meters on setbacks. It’s govt property.Focus should be on how we make govt account for the revenue. Owner can negotiate installing packing meters? Get revenue and pay govt?

Mclamin @mclamin “The Lagos state parking authority law is currently being challenged in court, as fee collection falls under the purview of local council. The question is, has the govt unified fees thugs collect at different bus stops and even streets in line with modern societies?”

SanmOra @sanmora9 “Is like it’s strange to you or you don’t know about it…on public land…is setback belonging to owner of property?…haba Mana!!!”

Prophet @obiprophecy “Wicked taxation. That’s what BATists meant by Tinubu raised IGR from 700millio to 56billion.

Backyard Economist @1ofBanks”

“For reference this is the parking space.

Did Lagos state put those gutter slabs? or the interlock stones?

If it was a private residence would they charge the home owner “parking” fees?

Rent seeking at its finest.”

Illustration by Backyard Economist

The Grace @DopeDivva “When we talk about Nigeria’s problem, you’ll always bring ‘abroad’ solutions so far the solution favours the pocket of the government.”

Onojie_Moonshine @ill_nojie “What you don’t know is that people don’t pay for parking on their properties. In London people pay Govt for parking parking outside their house I.e on the road or to their landlord for parking space. But not on a property I own.”

Ken Donald Atoo @atoo4xt “More bullion vans for the bourdillion.”

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