Controversial Abuja pastor, Abiodun Fatoyinbo of Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) has come under heavy criticism by Nigerians, especially Ndigbo for allegedly making Anti Igbo comments.

In a viral post, the pastor who was recently embroiled in a rape scandal and who many refer to as “Motivational Speaker not a pastor” made an uncomplimentary comment about Ndigbo.

He said, “Hustle is a curse, it takes God for Ndigbo to give money”

On 29th September, 2019, Premium Times despite his being acquitted in court, published the story of two former spiritual mentors of COZA’s Biodun Fatoyinbo, Busola Olotu and Emmanuel Oset (a reverend), who “have broken their silence nearly three months after rape allegations against the controversial cleric went viral and stated that they believed that the rape allegations were true”

Several online media influencers have described Fatoyinbo’s comments as being in bad taste since Ndigbo constitute a huge number of his flock. His comments were also seen as “Igbohpobic, stupid and childish”

Beliw is one of the reactions:

“Motivational Speaker of the Year 2022 is COZA CEO.

Congratulations! You deserve the award.

I also congratulate all Igbo who will sit down next Sunday and the ones after to listen to this guy man dish out his gibberish in the name of preaching The Word.

He sees wealthy Igbo attend his business church every Sunday and when his accountants return with bank balances, the money is not there.

Boom! The tribalism in him is let out. Then he begins to gyrate as Palm Wine Drinkards will say.

See them! Pastor who was anointed inside his bedroom and taught how to use his ‘holy sperm’ on innocent ladies.

If Nigeria is a serious country, shouldn’t this one be in jail for allegedly serially having canal knowledge of ladies?

Somebody should go and tell him that Igbo are business minds. They know how and where to invest and they do so to get profitable returns.

He should check out our villages and cities in the South East, Abuja and Lagos to see what and how we donate to churches. And we are predominantly Catholics and Anglicans.

He should look elsewhere for money to service his expensive lifestyle.

Somebody should tell him to relocate to Lè Villagè in France to continue his Gucci shopping spree.

I expect every Igbo man to call this guy out for his reckless and thoughtless insult on us.

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