Former Governor Peter Obi, has called on Nigerians to always consider the future of their children when taking critical decisions that affect their future. Obi made these remarks in his Children’s Day Message.

Obi, who has always maintained that “The society we abuse today will take its revenge on our children tomorrow”, said that the slogan was borne out of the pattern he observed over the years, where politicians do not think about tomorrow and about the children, believing that countries survive by recklessness and extravagance.He lamented that the parameters of national development have continued to point towards uncertain future for Nigerian children, owing to the failure of governance in different teirs of government.

He maintained that unless the present dangerous trend of failure is reversed, the Nigerian child remains disadvantaged.Obi urged Nigerians to leverage on the coming elections and elect a leader who has the interest of the people at heart. He encouraged them to avoid being seduced into transactional politics and ensure that only credible persons, with track records of success, are elected into power.

Restating his commitment to a united and secure Nigeria, required to secure the future of Nigerian children, Obi said that if he is voted into power, he would prioritize education of Nigerian children, ensuring that no Nigerian child is let behind and that they can compete favourably with their counterparts elsewhere.He advised the children to remain of good behaviour, take their education more seriously and remain law abiding and useful to the society. He wished them a happy children’s day.

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