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An Enugu based pressure group, Concerned Enugu West Citizens has totally condemned the apalling and embarassing treatment meted out to elder statesman, Sen. Hyde Udeze Onuaguluchi, during Saturday’s Enugu West solidarity rally at Awgu.
According to the statement issued on Sunday, signed by Chief John Nweze and Hon Ifeanyi Udeh, Chairman and Secretary of the group respectively, “Organizers of Enugu West solidarity rally tagged Ife-Emelumma are re-introducing political rascality in Enugu State under a peace loving man, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi through their assault and harrasment of an Elder Statesman from Enugu West, Sen. Hyde Udeze Onuaguluchi, merely for exercising his fundamental right to freedom of speech”

The Statement reads in part:
“Concerned Enugu West Citizens Frown at the Ungodly Treatment meted at Senator Hyde Onuaguluchi (Odenigbo)

It is no longer news that the Enugu West Solidarity Rally Tagged: Ife-Emelumma happened yesterday Saturday 7th August, 2021at Awgu as planned but what is the news is the outcome which has continued to generate unpleasant reactions.

Concerned Enugu West Citizens has frowned at the incidence where the distinguished Senator Hyde Onuaguluchi was harassed while making his speech during the rally. This is highly unacceptable and we condemn kọọ it in all ramifications.

Who wants to introduce this ungodly trend of harassing, abusing and intimidating highly placed elder statesmen in Public functions in Enugu state? This is a dangerous culture that is going to overheat the polity.

A personality of Odenigbo’s calibre could not be allowed to express his mind without fear or favour in a rally organized by Enugu West people. GOD FORBID! This is an obvious indication that the perceived marginalization of Greater Awgu people has become a shameful conspiracy. We are going to resist this affront with all our strength.
Nobody has ever offed the mic or shout down Senator Chimaroke , Senator Ben Collins, Sen Ayogu Eze etc. Why Sen Hyde, by and from his own people? We must get to the root cause of this rascality and those who perpetrated that unfortunate action must be paid in their own coin.

It’s now very obvious that there was a premeditated arrangement by the organizers of the said rally to humiliate distinguished senator Hyde Onuaguluchi with the huge resources at their disposal.

It’s very shameful that the organizers of the so called ifemelumma rally could go this far to intimidate distinguished Senator Hyde Onuaguluchi in the presence of the Governor of Enugu state who is a peace loving Governor.

His Excellency the peace loving Governor of Enugu state should know that such characters can not be entrusted with any political position in the state.

We demand that the organizers of the rally should immediately tender unreserved written apology to the people of Enugu West, especially Sen. Hyde without further delay. If not, the days of political rascality and harrasment of elders and stakeholders may have been re-introduced in Enugu Politics. This will cause more harm than good.”

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