Identifies other areas Mr President need to inspect and Commission

…. Says the visit is a huge mockery on Ndimo, though the President may not come himself

The leadership of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Imo state has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to include a visit to FMC, Owerri mortuary in the itinerary of his visit to the state, in order ” to see the bodies of innocent Imo youths killed by UNKNOWN UNIFORM MEN”

A statement issued by Hon John Iwuala,
State Chairman, APGA Imo State on Wednesday reads:

“The attention of the leadership of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA Imo State Chapter has been drawn to series of calls by many media outfits in the state, calling on APGA to come up with a congratulatory message welcoming the President, and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Mohammadu Buhari on his proposed visit to Imo State.

Though we are not bothered by the numerous calls and defiant to make any congratulatory message welcoming the President, not just because we don’t want to do so as he is President for all and his visit to Imo State is an official working visit.

APGA as a party must know actually what Mr President is coming to do in the state before we make statements. Just this morning, over the radio we learnt that the President is coming to commission trafic lights, streetlights, re-painted wethdral and Okigwe roads, Egbu-Chukwuma Nwoha road, relief market road, though it has been commissioned twice, no problem. We also gathered that Mr President is to commission the flood control system as the Governor claimed to have taken care of the flood in Owerri, while Ndimo are opting for canoe transportation due to heavy flood after rains. Even the former APC Governor said the rains in Imo State are acidic rains etc.

All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA Imo State as a party and the original Political mouthpiece of the masses in the state insists that for us and the majority of Ndimo to see a meaning in the Presidential working visit: President Buhari must be taken to Federal Medical Center, FMC, Owerri, mortuary department and see by himself, the dead bodies of innocent Imo youths killed by UNKNOWN UNIFORM MEN (UUM)

The president is expected to condemn the killings of imo youths which looks like a youthful ethnic extermination. We expect Mr President to condole with the families of these young youths that were extrajudicially murdered in their prime age. We expect the President to take responsibility of their killings as well as the killing of police and army officers who lost their lives during the time of heightened insecurity. The President must appologize to Ndimo for the bad leadership his party, APC has imposed on Ndimo right from the former APC Governor of Imo State till this present Governor.

Imo APGA is telling Mr President to go beyond Wethdral and Okigwe roads, commissioning of demolished roundabouts and installation of trafic lights to visiting some LGA headquarters in the state and see by himself that some of them are not different from Sambisa forest. Some LGA headquarters has become a good place for hunting grasscutters and other bush meats.

Mr President Sir, Imo APGA would like you to take a tour to Nekede- Ihiagwa road. You need to see the good works of our Governor.

My dear President Buhari, can you demand to see some wonderful jobs our Governor have done along Nekede old road and Umuguma road also with street lights all over. Haba, Governor Uzodinma, why are you excluding all these good roads done under your regime from the Presidential working visit for commissiong?

President Mohammadu Buhari, listen and listen very carefully, let me tell you, if actually you will come, though I know you may not make it. If you failed to make it as I suspect, pls pass this message to anyone else who might come to represent you.

Mr President, please, insist that you must be taken to Orji junction, take the road leading to Toronto, follow it up to Road safety round about, cross over and burst to Naze junction. Mr President Sir, you will see many wonderful road networking, dualized and completed by our dear workaholic Governor.

Mr President, you need to ask where MCC-Uratta road is. Please try and visit the road as Governor Uzodinma has completely dualized it with flyovers and street lights everywhere.

Finally, President Buhari, Imo APGA will be happy to join and clap for you if you can insist to see the road leading to ikeduru, Isuala Mbano, Onuimo etc.

Mr President, this your visit should be a three days working visit to enable you or whoever you want to send see many more projects done by our Governor waiting for commissioning.

I bet you Mr President, if you would be able to see all that I have pointed out, you will be left with no other option than to advise the Governor of Imo State, Dist Sen Hope Uzodinma to resign before you leave Imo State.

Imo APGA have already compiled over 135 sins, atrocities, executive lies and executive rascalities of this present administration.

As it stands now, Imo is being governed without commissioners, SAs, SSAs. No local government election. The worst of it all, our state legislators are fighting over who will wash plates and clothes for the Governor, where both speaker and deputy hijacked the entire washing of plates and clothes including buying akamu and akara for Governor’s wife. If you raise your voice at IMHA, you will be suspended.

Anyway, Ndimo are watching and calculating.

Imo APGA will continue to speak the truth for the betterment of the generality of Ndimo.

Imo APGA still remain the political mouthpiece of the Imo masses

Long live Imo APGA!!!

Long live Ndimo!!!

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


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