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Abuja – The Nigeria Labour Congess (NLC) has declared a nationwide strike from next Wednesday following a deadlock in the negotiation between the NLC and the Federal Government following Tinubu’s announcement of the removal of fuel subsidy.

The meeting between the organised Labour and the government ended in stalemate and the product sells for officially for between over N520 per litre to N570 per litre, depending on geopolitical zone/ State.

This implies over 200 hundred percent increment from the former price of N198 per litre.

The union announced the industrial action on Friday, following a meeting of its National Executive Council (NEC) in Abuja over the fuel subsidy removal and subsequent hike in the pump price of petrol.

The NEC comprises all Presidents, General Secretaries, Treasurers of all NLC’s affiliate unions; State Chairpersons and Secretaries of the NLC State Councils, Chairperson of the NLC Youth Committee and members of the National Administrative Council (NAC).

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