Obidients movement worldwide disassociate herself from act of sabotage by some betrayers of the Obidients movement and the new Nigeria mandate.

With great confidence, determination and resilience the Obidients movement worldwide during her last crucial emergency meeting held on Sunday 24th July 2023 resolved as follows:

  1. That Mr Kennedy Iyere often referred to as Comrade Iyere who claims to be part of Obidients movement has caused irreparable damages and distractions to Obidients and the public using the Obidient movement.
  2. The Obidients worldwide by this publication dated Monday 24th July 2023 informs the general public that Mr Kennedy Iyere is not part of the Obidient movement.
  3. Obidient movement worldwide hereby disassociates herself with Mr Kennedy Iyere and all his allies in their political engagements, fraudulent actions and unrealistic promises he uses as a bate to trap his victims.
  4. All obidients who had been victims of lending Mr Iyere money and of good-will with which he uses to advance his enterprise, thinking that they are helping the obidients course are doing so at their own risk.


  1. Obidients worldwide have nothing to do with Mr Kenny Iyere both politically or otherwise.

6.Anyone paying Mr Iyere’s bill or lending him money in the name of supporting Obidients is doing so at his or her own risk.

  1. Obidients Conveners worldwide and coordinators at respective levels: the Global, National, Zones, States, LGAs and Wards coordinating units, resolved to henceforth desist from being part of any Political or unrealistic and fictitious funding intervention meetings or gathering being convened using Obidients movement as stepping stone by Mr Kenedy Iyere.

Signed convener:

  1. Peter Obi Presidential Network PPGN
  2. Peter Obi Support Network POSN
  3. Women for Peter Obi WPO
  4. Take Back Naija. TBN
  5. Peter Obi Frontliners POF
  6. Peter Obi Movement POM


NNPO ( Amb Justin kingland)

Obidients Global Movement ( High Chief Chima Uzobuihe)

Head of Big Tents Support Group council ( Arc Dr. Peter Agada)

Fund 40MB

Save Nigeria Group USA ( Prof Sam Osemene/ Stephen Oshemwegie)

Peter Obi Lawyers Situation Room

Obidatti Elders Council ( Prof. Prosper Ayawei )

Dr. Mo

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