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Abuja: An Atiku Support Group known as Atiku State of Mind has dumped the former Vice President and perennial Presidential candidate, endorsing Prof Kingsley Moghalu, a presidential aspirant of the African Democratic Congress, ADC.

In a speech read at the decamping event in Abuja by Pharm. Hassan Ankuma, the support group resolved unanimously to be known henceforth as Moghalu State of Mind, based on their transfer of support from Atiku to Moghalu.
According to Hassan, “The mistake in the past was always looking to support candidates from the two major political parties in Nigeria, the APC and the PDP, as though they alone exist in a vacuum.

” The reliance on these popular political parties is why we have consistently voted for the wrong leaders because we can only vote for the flag bearers of these platforms, even if we know that they are mediocres, or at least too average to move Nigeria forward.

Stating that the 2023 Presidential Election was a make or mar season for Nigeria, Hassan implored Nigerians to ask themselves the following questions;
“No 1, What kind of challenges does Nigeria have now?
No 2, What manner of leader has what it takes to tackle them?
No 3, Who are the caliber of people around the aspirants, the people whose influence will be most telling on our collective destinies, should they be given the keys to Aso Rock?
No 4, Which of the aspirants is coming to the race with little or no baggage?
No 5, Who is the most honest about their plan for Nigeria and Nigerians? “
Continuing, Hassan said,” We don’t want a president who has ceded his authority to ruthless Cabals and family members who have no regard for citizens rights.
He said they have assessed all the aspirants who have presented themselves and “come to the objective decision that Prof Kingsley Moghalu is the best”
Prof Moghalu, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN contested the 2019 Presidential election under the platform of the Young Progressives Party, YPP

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