Ọzọ Ginger Ibeneme, MBBS

For the first time in a long long while, I think I am feeling great about a likely outcome of a Nigerian election.

I am from Enugu State , my town and local government share boundaries with Anambra State . I live and work in Anambra State . Anambra is the commercial lifeline of both my state and local government.

Anambra has been a pacesetter state in Igbo land if not entire Nigeria .Anambra has been a cradle and hope of Nigerian Democracy. A lot of positives have come out of Anambra State .

Anambra is the only state where an obscure political party has continued to win major elections including governorship.APGA was more popular elsewhere in IMO and Abia states than Anambra but suffered violent riggings in those states until their members there all walked away like typical politicians.
In Anambra, APGA lost most other positions but Peter Obi diligently worked hard to regain his mandate as governor from the courts , a first in history , thereby keeping APGA afloat.

Peter Obi’s tenure suffered two assaults from political rascality: first a fake impeachment which saw the emergence of a female governor, a first in Nigeria , another light from Anambra. Peter also fought to reclaim that mandate , a first again from Anambra.
Peter Obi’s tenure was also prematurely terminated and he went back to court to grab his due tenure completion thereby setting a major precedent and forcing a constitution clarification. Another first in Nigeria and from Anambra.


Again under Peter Obi a small party ran against a national ruling party and won convincingly.

The governor succeeding Peter Obi performed grossly below par . A lot of people jostled to grab the APGA ticket but the underperforming governor ironically rooted for seemingly better candidate for Anambra State against all odds and pressures leading to mass exodus of almost all seemingly political big wigs in the party including most members of House of Assembly, other front runners and even the Deputy Governor.

Anambra people this time ignored the underperformance of the governor and the political influence of the so called big wigs to vote the seemingly better candidate, another first from Anambra State , thus proving that indeed power belongs to the people.
Anambra governorship election faced a lot of challenges , especially serious threats from IPOB and their violent allies.

For the first time in a long while , again a first from Anambra, an extremely unpredictably intransigent IPOB listened and bowed to reason and superior argument, albeit to the disappointment of the central government and it’s political renegades who were poised to benefit from the looming anarchy.

Anambra election was predicted to be marred by electoral violence and malpractices, especially because there were already widespread violence before the election, cult clashes in Awka and clashes between Separatists and Government forces.

To the disappointment of political vultures and surprise of the whole world no record of any serious disruptions through out the election. Anambra people yet again showed wisdom and chose to be civilized , another first .

Enugu People would rather sow cheap uniforms and be clapping and dancing to political “misinstructions”.

Kudos to Ndi Anambra for living up to their slogan – Light of the Nation !

Ikirikpom Inyikiriputu Na Achi

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