Former Emir of Kano State, Muhammad Sanusi has come hard on the Almajirai system in the northern part of Nigeria, linking it to breeding ground for social unrest.
Former Emir of Kano who doubled as the former of Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi while speaking in a birthday Colloquium to mark his 60th birthday lamented about the population growth, including the almajirai system in the north, adding that steps need to be taken to address the situation.

“If you cannot maintain one wife and you marry three, and if you cannot maintain three children and you have 17, if you leave those children on the streets without education, without training, you are going to have young men that would be problem to our society,” he said.

“The youths that you see on drugs, those stealing and kidnapping are all products of that social system. And we need to ask ourselves, ‘is this what Islam said we should have? Are these the children that Islam said we should have?”
However, according to the Global Terrorism Index, Nigeria is third most terrorized country in the world, just behind Afghanistan in first position and Iraq in the second position; which many believe is unconnected with poverty, banditry and bokoharan.

It is also widely believed in Nigeria that Almajirai system is widely contributing to increasing number of terrorism, bokoharam, banditry and insecurity in Nigeria, especially the northern part of the country.
Almajirai and millions of poor children are the breeding ground for terrorism, just like former Emir of Kano, Sanusi said

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