By Anichukwu Cajetan

The emergence of Engr. Uchenna Abel Nwobodo, the Executive Chairman of Nkanu East, the Prince of his people and the Prince of Nkanu East has been a blessing to the council area in recent years.

All thanks to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who was able, in his wisdom and in his usual inclusive spirit of consultation, to discover him and his team, and who has been supporting his grassroots administration to a topnotch achievements. In terms of massive infrastructure, development-driven projects, human capital improvement and relationship, there’s a synergy and unity of purpose between Gov. Ugwuanyi’s administration and Uchenna’s giant development’s stride. The relationship is like that of father and son. Just like Ugwuanyi’s signature projects are littered across the state, Uchenna’s legacy projects are also conspicuous in the length and breadth of the council area. This is a testament that a new dawn has heralded in Nkanu East local government area.

Ojorowo ultra modern bridge modelling Gov Ugwuanyi’s vision

A well-bred gentleman with a humble badge of royalty, Engr Nwobodo is a finely cut administrator, a cerebral politician, a successful entrepreneur, and a peerless philanthropist. He has a rare panache for brevity, and compensates his almost baleful aversion for oratory, hero worship and praise singing, with an uncanny ability to translate drawing boards of public and private organizations into production lines. He is a Daniel come to judgement in our area.

His assumption of office as the Executive Chairman of Nkanu East on 3rd March 2020, approximates a rather foreseen revolutionary departure from the conventional administrative, management culture of the council establishment. The application of management principles to the analysis of organizational culture, carves a heroic historical niche for Engineer Uche Nwobodo as a politician of this generation, who runs public organizations according to the polished, responsible and responsive traditions of post-independence Nigeria political leaders. His rule is an obsession, panache for split second accountability for the expenditure of public fund.

For one, the Executive Governor of Enugu State , His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s acquiescence, support for the council’s chairman emergence is a streak of genius, as it offers a complementary approach to His Excellency’s good governance and, moreso fulfills the yearnings and aspiration of Ndi Nkanu East to have an Executive Chairman, who has both the celestial ordination and human capacity to drive the local government area out of the sorry morass of infrastructural challenges , and as well engineer a political culture where the greatest number of council men and women, the young and the old, have access to resources and privileges in a free and fair manner.

It is against the backdrop of Governor Ugwuanyi’s Government 4 – Point Agenda: Employment Generation, Social Service & Good Governance, Rural Development, Security & Social Justice which the Executive Chairman of Nkanu East , Engr Uchenna Abel Nwobodo drives through purposeful and effective delivery of democracy dividends in the council area, through master class policies, programmes and projects which the office of the Secretary strives to open a window to.

Finally, this quote by Albert Einstein must also be meditated on: “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter does not understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.

Below is a catalogue of the projects:


a. Ojorowo Nara Ultra Modern Concrete Bridge.( 90 % completed)

Ojorowo bridge, Nara

b. Reconstruction of Amechi Idodo Barkey Bridge (completed)

Keeping with Gov Ugwuanyi’s promise of good governance

c. Ovu Nkerefi Reinforced Concrete Bridge (Ongoing).

d. Reconstruction of Ojorowo Barley Bridge (completed)

e. Reconstruction of Ovu Mburubu Bridge (completed)

f. Reconstruction of Nvuna Nomeh Barley Bridge (completed)

g. Reconstruction of Ndi Agu Umuiba Nara Barley Bridge (completed)

h. Reconstruction of Ovu Ovu Nkerefi Bridge (Ongoing)

a. Construction of New Administrative Building at Amagunze Secretariat (80% Complete)

Aesthetics: rear view of the new secretariat

b. Construction of New Legislative Building at Amagunze Secretariat (80 % Complete)

Giving the lawmaker a conducive environment for legislative duties

c. Re-construction of dilapidated Amagunze Divisional Police Headquarters (Completed)

Prioritizing security in the council in line with Ugwuanyi’s peace mantra

d. Construction of Ultra Modern ICT Centre Nara (90% Completion)

Inspiring an ICT driven economy in the council

e. Reconstruction of Ubahu Health Centre (ongoing)

f. Renovation of Amankwo Ugbawka Health Centre (ongoing)

3. Furnishing of Customary Court Amagunze (Completed)

Giving the people an equitable atmosphere for justice ⚖️
    a. Procurement of manual tractors for council use
    b. Repairing of motorized tractors in Nkanu East.
    c. Procurement of newest species of palm trees for the council area.

Priding as a leading agro-allied estate and food producer in the state

d. Reconstruction of Poultry farm house at Ihuokpara


Procuring and Replanting of fallen poles and diversified Electric high tensions and low tension wire at Ugbawka. Replacement and Restoration of the same to supply Nara, Mburubu, NKEREFI and Nomeh Electricity Scheme (Ongoing)


Povision of Boreholes at Nkerefi, Mburubu and Nomeh(Ongoing)


a. Akpoga Mbulowo -Owo Road.
b. Nara -Mburubu Road.
c. Orie Nara – Ndiagu Umuiba Road.
d. Ohuani -Amagunze Road.
f. Amagunze -Ihuokpara Road
g. Ubahu Road.

Compiled by Anichukwu Cajetan
Secretary to Local

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