Anya Ndigbo, a non-partisan, socio-political and economic development-oriented Igbo organisation committed to equity, peace, unity, justice and progress of Nigeria, asserted that the victory of the New Nigerian Movement, in reference to the Obidient Movement, nspired by Nigerian youths and other patriots should be a victory for the Nigerian nation, not a victory of any individual or ethnic group. 

This was contained in a statement issued on Friday, September 16th, 2022, signed by the Interim Chairman, Board of Trustees, Elder Uma Eleazu OON; Interim President, Engr. Chris Okoye; Interim Deputy President, Dr. Abraham Nwankwo; Interim Secretary, Sir Okey Nwadinobi; Representative of Women, Nnedinso Ogaziechi; Representative, Association of Igbo Town Unions, Chief Emeka Diwe and Representative of World Igbo Congress (WIC)/Representative of all Igbo Town Unions in the Overseas Diaspora, Prof. Anthony Ejiofor.

The group expressed support for the country’s national re-birth moves, saying it was time for citizens of like minds to confront the challenges plaguing Nigeria. 

According to the group, it was time to take back the country, confront the problems, surmount them and move on.

Anya Ndigbo said patriotic Nigerians across economic categories, ethnicities, faiths and genders, among others, were expressing sincere desire to escape, once-and-for-all, economic and social backwardness, mutual distrust and disunity that have gripped the nation.

In a statement signed by the group titled, ‘On the 2023 General Elections: The Victory That Will Make Sense For Nigeria,’ Anya-Ndi-Igbo said the victory that would make sense in 2023 would be victory for the Nigerian nation, not victory for any individual or any ethnic grou

The group added that the victory that carries the momentum for national cohesion would, ipso facto, guarantee a proud place on the global platform for Nigerian children and grandchildren, stressing that Nigerians desire to commence marching towards economic prosperity, social advancement, mutual empathy, love and a united nation.

The statement reads in part: “The great expectation for the emergence of a great ‘New Nigeria Nation’ is coming from our citizens at home and abroad, as well as from our neighbours and friends in the global community.

“We are inspired that the youth of Nigeria, who indeed, hold the key to ensuring that Nigeria takes its desired pre-eminent position in Africa and the global scene are filled with the spirit of nationalism.

“Our youths are an important entity in the vanguard of this movement for national re-birth and advancement. Together and based on constructive synergising of the objective realities of our diversity, they are nurturing and rallying a national identity of mutual support and collective advancement.

“We urge all Nigerians to imagine how our children, grandchildren and their successors will be proud inheritors of a prosperous and great nation. This should be our goal rather than primitive accumulation and self-aggrandisement, sectarianism and parochialism.

“Nigerians should realise that providence is providing, in the next general election, new and historic window of opportunity to build a ‘New Nigeria.’ This new Nigeria movement, in which our industrious youths are playing a commendable role, using the vehicle of like minds for the common good, is simply the embodiment of a people united in spirit and purpose to achieve a common goal.”

The group said such spirit was required to build a united and prosperous nation led by people of character, competence and commitment to attain goals of building a modern democratic and prosperous nation.

“We note that a majority of responsible and respectable individuals and groups, partisan and non-partisan, are already subscribing to this stance. It is extremely necessary to make the best use of this rare opportunity of nationwide collective enlightenment and reaffirmation of faith in a great, mutually-empathic, united and proud country,” it added.

The group noted that its consultations were ongoing, saying it would issue statements concerning its stand on the 2023 elections in due course towards the country’s national rebirth devoid of primordial sentiments, rather enthronement of unity and prosperity. 

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