NINAS Secretariat, – December 28, 2021.

Following the December 19, 2021 Stocktaking, Status and Next-Steps World Press Conference by which NINAS Commenced the Decommissioning Processes for the Defeated 1999 Constitution, NINAS Secretariat deems it necessary to issue this END-OF-YEAR UPDATE, partly in response to Enquiries regarding progress on the implementation of NINAS CFM but more for providing Clarity and Direction to the interested Public:

1) First is to note that your questions seem to be anchored on the erroneous notion that the Self-Determination outcome sought by NINAS via its Constitutional Force Majeure, is predicated on the Online Petition directed to the UN Security Council and Trusteeship Council. That notion is wrong because NINAS Clearly articulated the processes that will trigger the Constitutional Logjam that will Precipitate the Transitioning and Regional Self-Determination Referendums. The Petition to those UN Organs is to keep those Organs of the UN fully abreast of the Self-Determination Steps we are taking in Nigeria such that the UN will be better positioned to play its role when those steps crystalize of the Referendum

(2) Key aspects of the Strategy Designs of the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure Implementation which are in Graphics and Audiovisuals are in the Public Domain. They have been shared in NINAS and other associated Platforms repeatedly and are all on the NINAS website www.ninasvoice.org (as well as the earlier website www.freedomfromnigeria.com). It has to be borne in mind at all times that the NINAS CFM Activated December 16, 2020, was the culmination of a 20-Year Multi-Regional Intervention Process, executed in Phases flowing straight from the immediate post-NADECO period of 1999, and spanning through PRONACO, (2005-2006); MNN 2006-2018, (briefly operating as Change Nigeria 2009-2010 but reverting to MNN after Change Nigeria was hijacked and bastardized as Save Nigeria in 2010). NINAS is therefore not a recent knee-jerk occurrence that would depend on the vagaries of what the International Community will do, as some of our ill-informed People suggest.

.(3) Many of us are aware of and familiar with the Domino-1 and Domino-2 Project Graphics that show that there is a Planned Progression from Joint Multi-Regional Actions that will Systematically Halt the Voyage to further National Elections (2023) under the Disputed 1999 Constitution, in a manner that Upturns that Constitution to Terminate the Unitary Union Anchored on it, and therefore Necessitating the Transitioning that will midwife the Two-Stage Union Reconfiguration Processes that will begin with Regional Self-Determination Referendums at the First Stage.

(4) As we can see in the 16-Box Milestones/Timeline Graphics Posted below, there are clear processes and programs being meticulously worked to produce the Self-Determination outcome we seek. The NINAS Project Implementation was at Box-14 when the Covid-19 Outbreak in the last Quarter of 2019 forced a Delay that lasted a whole year and still unresolved with new variants Delta & Omicron emerging. We are therefore trailing almost 2 years behind our original Scheduled ahead of the 2023 Electoral Round while our Adversaries whose only hope of recovering from the challenge posed by our Joint Multi-Regional Campaign, lies in dragging us to the 2023 Election under the Repudiated 1999 Constitution, are doing their frantic best to railroad us to the 2023 Elections without a resolution of the Union Dispute raised by the NINAS CFM of December 16, 2020.(Note that We have also had to consolidate the Programs listed in Boxes 14 and 15 as way of keeping our Original Plans even whilst adjusting to the Covid-19 Induced Disruptions and Delays).

(5) For the avoidance of doubt, there is serious work to be done on ground in Nigeria to achieve the Self-Determination we seek and particularly within each of the NINAS Alliance Blocs, to Precipitate both the Requisite Constitutional Logjam and the Consequential Transitioning that will midwife the ORDERLY emergence of Fresh Protocols, Dictated by our Sovereignty and Inalienable Self-Determination Rights. The Fresh Constitutional Protocols that will emerge from the Grand Constitutional Reconstruction we (NINAS) are pushing for will be dictated by the outcome of the Regional Self-Determination Referendums to be enacted under the Two-Stage Process contained in the Five-Point Proposition of the NINAS CFM of December 16, 2020. (See the Five-Point Proposition in Flier below). We can liken the Comprehensive Constitutional Reconstruction being pursued by NINAS, to the Reconstruction of a Building with a Fundamentally Flawed Foundation, there is first the DEMOLITION of the Rickety Structure. The Building of New Structures based on New Architectural Designs. These New Structures could be a large number of Bungalows, a Few Blocs of Flats or one High-Rise Building, depending on the Architectural Designs AGREED by the Owners and Stakeholders of the Demolished Rickety Structure. For the Purpose of this End-of-Year Update, the Rickety Structure is the Unwieldy, Dysfunctional and Unworkable Unitary Nigeria as erected and defined by the disputed 1999 Constitution.The Two-Stage Process of Reconstruction starts with the wholesale Decommissioning of the 1999 Constitution (ie the DEMOLITION stage) ; then the Building of Fresh Structures as may be Dictated by Fresh Constitutional Architectural Designs Dictated by the Constituent Components of Nigeria, pursuant to their Self-Determination Rights as Expressed and Ratified by Referendums and Plebiscites. It follows therefore, that the Constitutional Reconstruction being sought by NINAS can result in FEDERATION, CONFEDERATION or NON-FEDERATION as in INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN STATE ENTITIES depending on the wishes of the Constituent Peoples of Nigeria as expressed in the Regional Self-Determination Referendums. The Mission of NINAS is to bring the Peoples of the Alliance Territories, Swiftly, Safely and In the most Orderly Manner, to the point of making these Choices regarding Preferred CONSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS by Referendums and Plebiscites and the Five-Point Proposition of the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of December 16, 2020 puts forward, a Time-Bound, Orderly Framework and Process for undertaking this inevitable Constitutional Reconstruction of the Failed Nigerian Union.

(6) Let it be noted that the NINAS November 16, 2018 Open Memorandum to the President on the ‘Restructuring’ Debate, adopted by and incorporated into the NINAS December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation, provides, from the perspective of the Self-Determination Collective, the Step-By-Step, Start-To-Finish Modalities and Mechanisms, for undertaking the Comprehensive Union Reconstruction which the Dying Unitary Nigeria must now undergo. This detailed clarification should lay to rest the conjectures and speculations regarding the Mission of NINAS especially by those who do not understand that the Constitutional Reconstruction being pursued by NINAS, offers a wide gamut of outcomes that range from Federation, Confederation to Independent Units of Successor-Sovereign States.

(7) We must understand that the Street Marches, particularly in Foreign Lands and other activities which may publicize our Self-Determination Campaign are complimentary to the ground Actions and Activities inside Nigeria, insofar as it calls the attention of both our Diaspora and the International Community to what is being done in Nigeria, ahead of when matters come to a head by way of the Constitutional Logjam that will follow the truncation of the Journey to Further National Elections in 2023.

(8) The Details of the Work being done and to be done as well as the Progress being made, are spelt out Periodically by Bulletins and NINAS Public Engagements. For example, from the December 16, 2020 CFM, we went to the March 17, 2021, World Press Conference by which we commenced the 30-Day Period of Consultations with Governors and Elected Officials following the March 16, 2021 Expiration of the 90-Day Notice of Grave Constitutional Grievances to the Federal Government; moving on from there, we went to the April 17, 2021 Next-Steps Press Conference by which we commenced the 120-Day of Consultations with the Peoples of Nigeria as well as the Key Stakeholder-Segment of the International Community, culminating in the August 17, 2021 World Press Conference by which we commenced the Activation of Peoples’ Power under the theme: TAKING BACK OUR SOVEREIGNTY. Then came the September 2021 Freedom March targeted at the 76th Session of UN General in New York; (originally initiated by the Yoruba Wing of the Self-Determination Campaign but embraced by NINAS for greater impact).

(9) The NINAS Press Statement Presented at the December 19, 2021 World Press Conference by which we Commenced the Decommissioning Processes for the Defeated 1999 Constitution, presented evidence of the Spectacular Success of the Main Objective of the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure; precisely : the Countrywide Consensus that has been built against the 1999 Constitution in the course of the last one year from the December 16, 2020 NINAS CFM.

(10) In the face of this Unprecedented Countrywide Consensus, the December 19, 2021 NINAS Press Statement provides a clear guide to the Practical Actions that should in the First Quarter of 2022, effectively halt the Ruinous Voyage to another Round of National Elections in 2023 under the 1999 Constitution.

(11) The Purpose of this End-Of-Year Update is to Congratulate all of us for the Parts we played in the many successes already recorded in our Liberation Campaign Undertaking despite a number of daunting challenges and Setbacks. More importantly, to invite us to brace up for the decisive Phase of the Liberation Campaign in the First Quarter of 2022 when the Regional CHARTERS OF RELATIONSHIPS from the Alliance Blocs will begin to undergo Public Scrutiny and Ratification Processes even as we intensify our Public Enlightenment Efforts to connect the Populace to our Liberation Message and Campaign.

(12) In the Period ahead in the Consolidated Boxes-14&15,(ie Q-1&2, 2022) as we can see in the Milestones/Timeline Graphics, the ASSET PROTECTION AND GUARANTEE SCHEME (APGS) will also be rolled out to avoid the the kind of loss of assets inflicted by the Abandoned Property Saga of 1970 since Nigeria has again returned to the same altercations and attitudes that wrought the 1966-1970 Catastrophes. Also, in this Period, Referendum Voter Registration will commence in the Alliance Blocs as the Push to Domino-2 continue on all fronts.

(13) The Urgent Task of Persuading our Brethren from the Alliance Territories who are involved with the Political Parties pushing HEEDLESSLY towards Further National Elections in 2023, to pull back, close shop temporarily and join the Peoples’ Push for Self-Determination, remains top priority in the First Quarter of 2022 as that holds the key to the Triggering of the aforementioned Constitutional Logjam and Inevitable Transitioning to rework the Damaged Constitutional Basis of the Nigeria, within the context of the Self-Determination Imperative for the Trapped Constituent Components of Defunct Federation of Nigeria.

(14) Let it be noted that for the Safety and Integrity of NINAS Strategies, there are several aspects of the NINAS CFM Implementation Designs that are not for Public Knowledge or Online Dissemination. Such Information are only available to those who join the Liberation Task either as Volunteers and as the Drivers of the NINAS Campaign in their Blocs.

(15) NINAS Requests us all to calmly examine the processes explained in this Update so as to get such an operational grasp of what is being done, as would enable us explain to others. A Review of the Referenced Project Documents and Audiovisuals will make the difference.

Finally, NINAS invites Individuals from all parts of the Alliance Territories (South and Middle Belt of Nigeria), home or abroad who wish to Volunteer for the Tasks ahead in our Campaign to do so by clicking on the Volunteer Icon in the NINAS Website www.ninasvoice.org Information on the Modalities for the Participation of Regional Self-Determination Organizations or other Organizations that share the NINAS Vision will be made Public in the first week of January 2022. Wishing us all Happy Celebrations and a Most Prosperous New Year.NINAS Secretariat December 28, 2021.

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