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Here we see the Niger delta republic telling Ethiopian airlines to stop going to Biafra and start coming to Niger delta republic and yet some us choose to not see that there is nothing that will lead to a Biafra with the Niger delta.This is Wike stabbing Biafra right in the back, kicking them while they are down, going for our juggler. What stopped him from joining the call for the Enugu airport to be reopened instead of specifically stating that Enugu is not as close to Imo and Abia like Port Harcourt is?

That is by the way, it is a shame that we Igbos will be loafing about all over the western world and Asia and Africa but none of them can get their act together to persuade any of the airlines owned by these developed countries where they (Igbos) live to start flying to Igboland even as Igbos claim to make up the bulk of the passengers of these airlines to Nigeria. We are just not using our minds enough.

We are the passengers that go to Nigeria from these nations, but we are just not intelligent enough or deserving enough to be able to decide where we want to be taken in Nigeria. When you are the main customer or only customer, but you have no right or no bargaining power it means that you lack the mental capacity to negotiate for yourself and your interest you just buy at a price that is given to you and in the quantity that the seller wants and how and when he wants…fools are characterised by their choice to get angry about nothing or trivialities that don’t really concern them whilst living happily with an atrocity that is within their influence to change or stop. Simply put they leave the things they can do something about and complain about things they have no control over.

 Igbos in diaspora are really not living up to expectations at all. Igbos in the UK and America put together somehow lack the knowhow and ingenuity to easily persuade or convince British airways to fly to Enugu. We are just shifting blame like losers always do. Of all the Igbos in parliament here in the UK and all the Igbos that claim to be this and that in the uk and America and the chairman this and that association and CEO this and that company based in the UK and USA yet ordinary organising as a people to simply make a case as to why British Airways should be flying to Enugu has eluded them yet someone thinks that Igbos are going to somehow persuade the world to demand that Nigeria must allow Biafra go and on the terms of Biafra and that the Niger delta will be annexed to Biafra against the will of the Niger delta and that of the rest of Nigeria.

People complain about lack of investment in the South East by the Federal  Government but, what we forget is that Nigeria is a very very poor nation and that most development is actually done by individuals and mostly Igbos, just that Igbos make these investments in other places.

There are a few federal establishments in Lagos, Abuja Kaduna Port Harcourt etc. Let us never forget that Igboland is not key in any way as we are not coastal nor are we a major oil producing or agricultural Hub. We are also not a border region and we only constitute 3% of the land mass of Nigeria. Igbos constitute something like 15% of the population and control something like 35% of the oil resources of Nigeria via allocation and mostly via secondary allocation from their various hustle in the 31 non-Igbo states of the federation where we dominate commerce in the markets and in government contracts etc. Igbos also have a diaspora that are controlling funds that can turn Igboland to a developed nation in just a twinkle of an eye.

Let me say it again, we should be playing by the rules but not be limited by the rules. Nigeria is very very poor but Igbos are not very very poor. Just because you are entitled to a room in you poor father’s three bed house does not meant that you insist on it when your mates have all built mansions. We as Igbos are getting more than our due in Nigeria but we are not being realistic. Look at the map of Nigeria and you will find that the size of the South East is just the size of a typical medium sized non-Igbo state in Nigeria. Please lets look at the following and think:

Niger state is 3 times the size of Igboland, as in 3 time the size of the 5 southeast states put together. Yet there is nothing in particular that there is to write home about Niger state despite its location and having produced 2 Head of State. The little there is in Minna is owned or being creamed off by Igbo people living there.

Borno state is more than twice the size of the entire south east but yet there is nothing there and the little there is owned or being creamed off by Igbo people living there.

Just about every one of the 19 northern states is bigger than the entire south east but it is really just Kaduna, Abuja and perhaps kano that can really rival the various south east states. We are doing very well without making a conscious effort to apply ourselves well.

There are just 97 Local Government Areas in Igboland and there are over 1000 Igbo associations in diaspora alone each wasting all, their time year in year out planning new yam festival and Christmas party every year over and over again.

1000 associations work out at over 10 association per local government. Imagine if Igbos engaged in the nonsense of getting organised and were able to follow a development blueprint and have all these 1000 yam eating associations engaged in picking profitable investments to do in Igboland. We will be talking of potentially 10 factories per local government area.

There are also over 1000 Igbos that fall into the category of either billionaire, multimillionaires or group of millionaires that can each build a good factory that can each employ hundreds of people. We are the ones that stand to benefit the most from Nigeria and we are the ones benefiting the most from Nigeria. No one gets the use of the federal government infrastructures in Nigeria like the Igbos. Anything federal government provides in Abuja for the citizens to use is provided mainly for Igbos. Anything federal government provides in Lagos for the citizens to use is basically provided mainly for Igbos. Even the dry port in Kaduna is for Igbo traders in the north. Government infrastructure is for the people but mainly for the businesses and it is Igbos that make up the majority of the business especially the people business…we need to be thinking very deep about our situation and the moment.

Our situation may not be as good as it once was but what we fail to see is that our situation way back in then was just too good then, so we have just gone from too good to very very good and now very good. Lets be careful that we don’t turn it to just good note that after being just good there is also fair, then there is satisfactory and then ok then not bad and then bad then very bad then unacceptable. So our situation is very good at the moment and we have scope to make it very very good or even too good again and only us can do it for us.. .

Let’s get organised and develop our place. Nigeria and her government is very poor and the Igbo states are even poorer. It is a shame that Wike even thinks that he can take food from the mouth of Igbos. It is a shame to us Igbos in diaspora in particular. One day he will come to London and tell British airways that majority their passengers are disorganised Igbos and that port Harcourt is closer to the home of those disorganised Igbos and that if BA does not start flying to Port Harcourt he will go and organise and persuade those igbos to stop flying BA and start flying an airline that currently flies to Porth Harcourt he will tell them that all he has to do is tell the Igbos that Port Harcourt is part of Biafra and they will switch.. We are working hard all over Nigeria and the world but we ae not working smart at all.

Engr. Obinna Ugwu writes from Scotland

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