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Lagos: In the wake of  Wednesday’s Presidential Election Tribunal’s verdict guests on News Hub, ChannelsTV current Affairs program bashed the legal team of the PDP at the Presidential Election Tribunal for doing a shoddy job.One of the guests, Mr. Oghenevo Otemu, an Abuja based legal practicioner described the PDP legal team as being amateurish. Also, he stated that they did not do enough to prove their case.”

The PDP legal team never did enough work to prove their case before the tribunal knowing fully well that tribunals thrive on technicalities not truth.

Also, he noted that the PDP’s legal team raised criminal issues against security agencies for collision and Osinbajo for inducement of voters by sharing money through the tradermoni scheme.

Unfortunately, according to him, they failed to join them as parties thereby denying them of the right to defend themselves.

He however acceded to the fact that the time limit given by the electoral act makes it “virtually impossible”for a respondent to succesfully challenge an Election in the tribunal.

In his own contribution, Kolade Olutekunbi, a Lagos based lawyer described the PDP’s petition as “a petty petition” since according to him, the issues they raised before the tribunal were pre-election matters such as President Buhari’s academic qualifications and alleged sharing of money by Vice President Osinbajo through the tradermoni scheme.

“Instead of bringing witnesses from polling units as contained in the electoral act, they relied on hearsay.

“Imagine bringing an expert from overseas to tell us about how a server functions. Did he witness the Election here or see the server being applied?”

Higher King, a Port Harcourt based legal practicioner said the PDP petition failed ab initio being hinged on electronic voting and INEC server, knowing fully well that President Buhari declined assent to the Amended Electoral Act which provided for electronic voting.

He averred that such a blunder was fatal to the PDP’s case.

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